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*dedicated to discovering natural beauty
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Welcome to the naked amateur website.

Dedicated to discovering, exhibiting and tastefully promoting the true natural beauty and diversity of the human body in it's naked form.

The naked amateur site is updated on a daily basis and we strive to display your submissions in a timely manner. If
you are unable to open an image, movie or gallery it indicates we are still updating the link. Be sure to bookmark the appropriate page and check back in a day or two for full access.

We greatly appreciate your comments and welcome your feedback and suggestions as to how we can improve the site for your benefit. We encourage you to contact us directly via the 'contact' page.

Please find listed below links to our galleries and site content.

Update - we have recently updated the site to provide a 'member forum' for visitors to leave their comments and suggestions for improvements to the site or to provide links and referrals to other sites providing content which would be deemed tasteful and in keeping with the objectives of the naked amateur website. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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